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Review: Mercury November 6, 2010

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Mercury follows the stories of two young girls; Tara, a present-day teenager who is struggling with the recent loss of her home in a fire, and her ancestor Josey, living in the house in the 1800s. Events unfold in Josey’s life that lead to treasure being hidden on the land, which Tara eventually discovers. Mercury is a combination of graphic story-telling, history, and magical realism.

This is a good introduction to graphic novels for those who are unfamiliar; it’s light reading and well-illustrated. I really had to plug away to get to the meat of the story… it’s worth reading to the end, but at times it feels like the story isn’t going anywhere. However, the illustration is captivating and the glimpse into 1800s Nova Scotia is enough to keep the reader engaged. I enjoyed the nuggets of Canadian slang footnoted in the various panels.

Elements of romance permeate both the historical and present-day plotlines, as well as typical teenage angst and self-discovery. Girls aged 12 and up will enjoy this story – there isn’t much out there for young girls in the realm of graphic novels; I’d recommend this for any YA or school library collection.

My rating: 3.5 stars


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