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Review: The Art of Racing in the Rain October 5, 2010

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The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein is the story of a dog and his family from said dog’s point of view. The dog, Enzo, is looking back on his life and telling the story of his masters’ lives as they have unfolded. Enzo’s master is a race car driver (hence the title), and a wife and daughter join him in the course of the story.
I read this book for a book club, and I was surprised at how many people just loved this book. Many online reviews say people don’t like the book because they don’t like dogs or they don’t like car racing. I DO love dogs, and I hate car races… However, I found the dog’s narrative to be lackluster and the race metaphors to be surprisingly interesting. But I do give Enzo props for peeing on something to show his disapproval.
This book made me angry. No spoilers here, but this guy (Enzo’s master) cannot get a break! One bad thing after another keeps happening to him. I was pleased that the book had a somewhat happy ending. At one point, I was skeptical whether a happy ending was even possible. The plotline was what kept me going, though. The book sat unfinished with the bookmark only about 20 pages in for weeks because I couldn’t get into the writing style. When I finally got into the meat of the plot, though, I found myself wanting to finish it.
Although this is a story about loss and fighting to keep what one loves, some of the emotion is taken out of it by the canine narrator. None of the human characters were particularly remarkable, but I did think Enzo’s master was an overall “good guy.” I was very pleased to see the positive portrayal of a straight male/gay male BFF relationship. Such relationships are not represented often enough in any of today’s media.
I hate to start off with a bad review, so I want to say the book is worth reading (once)! I wouldn’t read it again, though.
My rating:
Where did I get this book? Public library


One Response to “Review: The Art of Racing in the Rain”

  1. Carrie Says:

    I really like that you used the term “BFF.” It kinda made my day.

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